The Highest Place


New blog post up! Sorry for the lack of posting… I have already been scolded by family back home… Oops! But I’m finding it hard to tear myself away from the people and beauty of this place and these moments just to upload and update. Jesus has been showing me in the sweetest ways the importance of being present. The importance of using my eyes and not my iPhone, of living now and posting later. In the States I am so used to seeing kids, parents, drivers,  using their phones, People eating, even people walking across the street glued to their devices… but here that isn’t the case. Hardly ever do I see someone choosing to text than converse with whomever is with them. I don’t see cell phones sitting on the table beside the dinner plate at a restaurant or people texting when they sit on park benches. So what does that look like to them when I do? Do they feel like whatever is behind that screen has more value to me than them as a person? Do they think I’m unapproachable or ungrateful of their hospitality of hosting me in their country? How does my technology addiction hinder me from sharing the most epic and glorious news of our Lord and Savior? What opportunities have I missed? Let’s just say it is hitting me hard guys.

One of the first days we were here, we were driving through the countryside that was dotted with little red and white villages among a thick carpet of greenery. But something all of these little towns had in common was towering above all of the buildings and trees were steeples. Crosses reaching up above everything else around it and acting like a lighthouse, a beacon of hope to be seen from miles away. It was explained to us that these villages put their churches on the highest place in town so that it can be seen from all around. This made me question, if my heart was a little town in the woods, where would I build my church? Is it tucked away in the corner for me to visit conveniently or is it proudly built on the highest place for everyone to see? I want my life to reflect Jesus so brightly that when people pass by, they see the cross over everything else. So for now, give me some grace if you aren’t seeing lots of pictures and instead say a prayer for me, my team and God’s people here in Croatia!

Yours in Christ,


We place You
On the highest place,
For You
Are the great High Priest;
We place You
High above all else,
And we come to You
And worship at Your feet.


Bind my Wandering heart to Thee

HEY Y’ALL, Mary-Claire here! I am taking a break from Bible painting this summer to follow the Lord to Varždin, Croatia! This is a nine week long internship where I will be working with a team of some of the most vibrant women to pour into the youth of this sweet city. This blog is going to document my travels, prayers, and what our faithful Father is doing!

It’s no surprise that this generation has the Wanderlust fever. It is one of the deepest most primal desires to be free, have the wind whip your hair around your face while you run through the woods or ride horses through fields of wildflowers. This beautiful, raw eagerness to go is not a new Pinterest fad or a trendy Instagram bio caption, it was actually instilled in you from the very beginning. When God formed your beauty, your kindness and your joy, He also gave you a wild sense of adventure. We are told in Mark to GO! Go into all the world and share the gospel. That freedom you crave is not just to be free of your dusty hometown but it’s the freedom you feel in the Spirit and that is something to share!

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15

It would mean the world to me to have a community of people walking beside me, following along and praying for me, my team and the people we encounter throughout this summer, so please feel free to share! Love you guys!

Yours in Christ